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Specialising in contemporary voice, Chelsea has over 10 years of experience in teaching and performing nationally and internationally. Classically trained from the age of 8 whilst soaking up as much information as possible from her father Dr. Paul Donoghue (ENT surgeon), Chelsea has developed an in depth understanding of the voice and vocal health. Chelsea is currently mentored by highly acclaimed vocal coach Mr. Gary May and is registered with the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing.  Chelsea is most known for her work with  international recording artist 'Ruel' (RCA Records), who now holds the record for the youngest solo artist in history to have won an ARIA. Chelsea works with numerous Warner and Sony artists, and also assists in their artistic development. Chelsea is excited to assist other vocalists develop and nurture their voices. 


Having developed an interest in music from a young age, Rahel carries with her a broad range of musical study, such as contemporary piano, jazz vocals, musical theory and music-technology production. Harnessing a blend of all her studies and passions, she has become professionally recognised in the industry as a performer and songwriter for international stars & major-label recording artists, and most notably as the lead singer for Melbourne RnB band ' Billy Davis '. Rahel's passion for performance is only equalled by her passion for teaching and assisting her students as they begin their own musical journeys. 



Shreta developed an interest in music from a very young age, learning to sing and play the piano from the age of 5. She has played several different instruments throughout her childhood and schooling years, however really favoured singing and playing the piano as part of her musical study. Shreta began her vocal training as a Classically trained Indian singer, and moved to other genres and styles of music through her life.
Now, after much training and performance experience, Shreta now specialises in the genres of ‘Rnb,’ jazz and neo-soul and is now recognised within the Australian and International music industry as an up and coming artist and a true gem within the industry. Her vocal talents and ability to engineer and produce her own vocals has allowed her to have international and interstate studio sessions with some of the commercial industry’s finest producers and engineers. Shreta hopes to bring her experience to students, through her passion and study in music. She endeavours to help students feel confident in their talents. For the students who seek to be professional vocalists, Shreta hopes to help guide them in developing their own unique sound and confidence in their artistry. 
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